In the digital age things change quickly. The way we interact with brands today is so much different to a couple of years ago. Even a couple of months ago. Staying on top of tomorrow’s methods can be a challenge for some brands. The tactics they used to build their business simply aren’t working any longer.

That’s where we come in.

Founded in 2010 as a creative development agency, Cornell have been helping brands and businesses use the mighty web to plot courses and achieve goals.

Along the way we’ve gathered a collection of innovators, artists, entrepreneurs, consultants and geeks to create all things digital. We grow long and meaningful relationships with our clients that helps them acquire customers in new and exciting ways.

Our “can do” attitude is what sets us apart. We offer big agency thinking with the flexibility and quality of service you’d expect from a smaller, independent agency.




Not as laid back as her photo might suggest, Sharon is responsible for keeping both the studio and our clients on track. With over two decades of experience in the field of advertising and marketing she has worked with some of the biggest brands around.

It is her job to keep ahead of the ever-changing trends in media to ensure that your brand can always avail of what's current and upcoming. Excelling in customer relations, marketing strategy and deadline management Sharon will ensure your project goes live on time and delivers on every possible level.

Sharon <br>Williamson


The founding member of Cornell. This is the guy that plots the course, sees change on the horizon, steadies the ship and pretty much every other sea based figurative example you can think of (only the good ones mind).

His experience ranges from branding new business start-ups to delivering complex marketing campaigns for large organisations involving high levels of brand awareness and brand consistency. "Creative communication" is his favourite phrase at the moment.

Neil <br>Cornett


When he's not fixing his tie and dabbling in a bit of part-time modelling (clay, that is), Ed can be found creating all sorts of wonderful front end visuals. It's his creative vision that gives our clients an engaging presence online.

From website design to online and off-line advertising campaigns this is the guy for all things visually creative. If you have an idea of how you want it to look, Ed will bring it to life, and if you don't, even better. Ed makes things sparkle, shine and most of all engage customers in a positive manner.

Ed <br>Jones


Don't be fooled, Stuart is no Minion. He works with all the acronyms in Cornell. From SEO to SEM and PPC to PPL. If you've got an acronym that you just can't solve Stuart's your man. Chances are he'll use it to drive business to your site.

Stuart wears his official "Google Accredited" status like a gold chain around his neck. Many a client has been amazed by just how much site traffic and leads he can generate with his Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques. Known in the office as Albus Dumbledore, he is capable of conjuring up the right mix of digital marketing for the most ambitious of campaigns.

Stuart <br>Cooke


What can we say about Jason? No, seriously, what can we say about Jason...?

There are no words to describe the calm and experience that Jason brings to the studio. With over 15 years under his belt in the world of advertising Jason delivers on every level. He can be found, either in a Pantone book or half way up the Mourne Mountains (looking for a Pantone Book) ensuring that brand guidelines and the strict code of finished artwork are adhered to.

Jason will make sure your brand is displayed across all mediums as it was first intended. His passion for perfection is infectious and ensures that all Cornell clients can promote, display and advertise with confidence.

Jason <br>McParland


Gareth is an uber-talented coder and the driving force behind Cornell's approach to all things technical. He works closely with our design team (just across the room) to ensure that every project is approached with the perfect measure of care and attention.

He's a firm advocate of the "mobile first" approach when it comes to design and development. And he's seems to have convinced the rest of us too.

He does have a bit of an unhealthy affection for WordPress... but he can be found cosying-up to other popular platforms. Basically he'll do what ever it takes to ensure a project delivers to its maximum potential.

Gareth <br>Watson