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THE  success of Mood Mirrors is mirrored in the growing reputation of this young go-ahead company.  And it’s a success story that is reflected in their bathroom mirrors every morning as their mirrors adorn homes in every corner of the country.

The company called in Cornell to create a brand name and identity that would reflect their wide range of hi-end bathroom mirror solutions and the Mood Mirrors name was chosen after much research. Choosing the right name and brand was essential for the growth of the company – the name had to be memorable and the brand simple in form with the ability to sit across a a range of product campaigns and POS.

How was the name Mood arrived at? Well, no matter how we feel when we wake up in the morning the bathroom mirror tells our mood and the company hopes you like what you see!

Mood Mirrors have an extensive product range and we commissioned and directed studio photography within a purpose-built set to highlight the range, recreating a luxury bathroom with reclaimed wood and tiled background effects. The photography gave us the opportunity to produce consistently good images for use in catalogues and campaigns and the end result gave Mood Mirrorsthe perfect imagery to roll out their eye-catching ‘Reflect yours’ campaign.


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