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5 Social Media Tips – Getting Started

With 67% of the entire UK population on social media, it is safe to say that it plays a big part in many lives. With the right strategy for our business, social media marketing can provide viewers with a solid idea of your branding and can help to drive sales. In addition to that, social media is cost effective and easy to use. Dedicating enough time and energy to managing platforms, creating great content and monitoring success is sure to provide success to most businesses.

Getting started with using social media for business has never been easier, here are our 5 tips for getting started.

Use the Right Platforms

Every social media app has a different demographic so make sure to select the platforms that will work best for you. Just because a social media platform is popular, does not mean that it will benefit your business. Start by having a clear idea of the audience you want to target. Trying to sell to a younger audience? Apps such as Instagram may be best. Selling to other businesses? Linkedin could be better. Dedicate your time to one or two social media platforms. One platform with high engagement and great content is better than five mediocre attempts.

You should also aim to have a specific strategy for each social media platform. Although most social media platforms use similar features, you need to optimise your content to suit the intricacies of each platform. Try to create app specific content within each platform rather than linking out. For example, instead of tweeting a link to a youtube video, post the video straight to twitter. This makes viewing your content more seamless for your audience.

Focus your Brand’s Messaging

Taking into consideration your target audience, create high quality content that will matter to them whilst keeping your brand identity consistent. By doing this at the beginning of your social media journey, you are creating a benchmark that you can compare your future posts to.

Keep an eye on emerging trends, however avoid capitalising on every trend you see other brands taking advantage of. Stick to trends that will seamlessly fit in with your brand’s message to remain genuine and relevant to your own audience.

Visual Experience

Social media accounts need great content. However, you shouldn’t neglect visuals. Beautiful photography and engaging graphics are the first thing that will make an impression on the viewer. It is best to make sure your visuals are consistent and adhere to your brand as the visual experience you provide for your audience is what will keep things looking and feeling seamless. From there they will decide whether your post is worth reading.

Be Engaging

One of the most important aspects of a successful social media presence is engagement. Make sure to engage with your audience. Comment back, answer questions, respond to feedback and issues. This is a great way to build trust with your audience and over time will lead to sales. High engagement with your audience will also lead you to be more favourable with the algorithm.

Another way which you can drive engagement is to use links. Let customers know where they need to go next. Make use of the instagram shopping feature which will allow your viewers to purchase items in your post with a few taps. We suggest creating a posting schedule which will free up more of your time to engage with your audience.

Track and Refine

Once you get the hang of how to use your social media channels, it’s time to get into analytics. Use the tools provided by social media platforms to track what is helping you to grow and what is not. From this you can focus on what works best for you.

If you have any questions about using social media for business or want to create a specific social media marketing strategy to boost your brand, contact us by sending an email to or give us a call at 028 3833 9100