6 Benefits Of Strong Branding In A Boring Industry

You can be as passionate as you like about your own industry and what you’re selling, whether that’s legal aid, consulting services, high-tech devices or anything else, but unfortunately not everyone mirrors this passion.

Even if what you’re selling is important or necessary for our daily lives, it can still be tricky to get consumers to show real enthusiasm for it.

Take insurance for example, we all know the importance of car, life and home insurance, but that doesn’t mean we want to dedicate hours of our lives to reading up on it, following insurance companies on social media and finding out more about the industry.

So, if you’re aware that your sector can be deemed a little boring, then you need to think about ways to grab consumer’s attention and encourage them to engage with your company.

One of the key ways to do this is through your branding. But if you’re not sure you’re ready to rebrand or invest money and resources into making this happen right now, then this guide is for you.

Here are six benefits of strong branding and why it’s so important for your ‘boring’ industry.

1. Increasing sales

Let’s start with the basics. Strong branding is crucial in any industry for helping to drive sales. But when you operate in one that isn’t naturally as alluring, this is even more important.

What do we mean by this?

If you think about luxury brands, perhaps clothing, makeup or jewellery, they use grand and opulent colours, images and elements for their branding. This reflects the goods they are selling and makes it far easier to attract customers and make sales.

However, when you operate in a more mundane sector, you need to go one step further to grab attention and attract customers. This is particularly important as branding can be one of the deciding factors for consumers.

Imagine if you’re choosing between two storage facilities in your local area that both offer the same containers for the same price. The images, name and logo are the only differences and therefore, these can have huge sway on the consumer.

Not only this, but strong branding encourages word of mouth and when you work in a tedious industry, this can be a huge way to drive leads and attract customers. Let’s say two friends are sitting having coffee and discussing the need for a solicitor.

If your brand has really stood out, whether one friend has used your brand or not, they may be more inclined to bring up your name.

2. Standing out from your competitors

Another reason strong branding is vital is to set your company apart from your competitors. Again, this is important in every business but when you work in a boring industry, it’s important for a whole other reason.

You want to show that while your competitors and industry have traditionally been understood as boring, your company is different. Whether it’s a memorable or humorous name, a carefully crafted logo or a catchy slogan, these parts of your band can help you to stand out and grab customer’s attention. Setting yourself apart in this way can be important in a saturated industry, no matter how interesting or boring it may be.

3. Showcasing what makes you special

Just because your industry is boring, it doesn’t mean your company is, and it certainly doesn’t mean your branding has to be. Your branding can still be fun and it can help to reflect your company’s core values.

For example, if your company is very conscious about the environmental impact of your goods or services and dedicates a lot of time and resources to tackling climate issues, your branding could reflect this.

Reflecting your ideas and visions in this way can help you appeal to consumers, creating a sense of community and showcasing your brand’s mission and values. Consumers prefer to buy from brands that share similar values to their own, so it’s important that you keep a consistent and strong brand to retain these customers.

Again, this can set you apart from others in the industry and show that your industry doesn’t always have to be mundane.

4. Encouraging engagement

Nowadays, most companies will have (and should have) a website and social media presence. Those operating in fashionable, popular industries like food, fashion and cars will use these platforms to advertise their products or services.

But if your industry lacks pizzazz and exciting or glamorous products, can you still utilise these platforms effectively?

With strong branding, you can. If you create an attractive, memorable brand, graphics and content that reflect this. You will increase your chances of consumers engaging with your content online. This is so important for growing your following and traffic, and ultimately, leads and sales.

5. Making your business memorable

As well as standing out from the competition, strong branding can also help to make your company more memorable. This is vital for any business because brands that are more memorable can devote more time and resources to promoting their goods or services.

In a boring industry, this gives you the opportunity to really push sales and shout about the goods or services you have on offer, without simply focusing on brand awareness. Instead, you can focus your efforts on increasing engagement and showcasing your values and USPs.

However being memorable requires captivating and engaging branding from the start, so a strong branding strategy is crucial.

6. Keep employees motivated

Finally, it’s not just about consumers, strong branding is also important for employee morale and pride. Every company wants their workforce to be passionate, motivated and proud of the company they work for. This ensures they are productive and innovative.

So, when operating in an industry that isn’t naturally very exciting, strong branding can help to engage your employees and make them feel proud to represent your business.

It’s also good for attracting new talent as it helps you to position your company not just as reputable, but also as a fun place to work and represent, despite being in a more boring industry.