Digital DNA


Tomorrow kicks starts Digital DNA 2019 and the Cornell Team are excited to be in attendance – perhaps none more so than myself, as this will be my first time attending!

This is Northern Ireland’s biggest digital event, an estimated 3,000 are going to be in attendance and there will be over 150 speakers.

Digital events are becoming a huge deal in Northern Ireland – and for good reason. This is a great opportunity to network, to meet like-minded people and really learn more about our industry from the experts.

So why should you too be excited about this huge event?
Here are my top 3 reasons why you need to get yourself to Digital DNA 2019:
  1.  There has been a shift in digital marketing in recent years. Companies are realising the importance of this industry and new budgets are being allocated to digital marketing to help businesses grow. This is your opportunity to learn more about this sector and what it can do for your company.
  2. Time to learn. There are over 150+ speakers at this event! All experts in their field. I recommend picking out in advance the talks that are most applicable to you (I already have a list of talks I’ll be making my way to). Take notes, soak up all that information and make sure you’re ready to action it by the time you’re back at your desk. Some talks will be more light-hearted than others, but i’ve been informed many talks can quickly become active & instructional workshops (with lots of technical tips & tricks being deluged).
  3. Networking. This is a great opportunity to bring exposure to your company. You’ll never know who you’ll meet that can help your company, or likewise who you can help out with your services. Be sure to speak to lots of people, browse the stands, spark conversations, get involved in the various activities taking place throughout the venue.
So if you’re heading to Digital DNA this week, we hope you’re excited.
The Cornell Team will be in attendance both days, so make sure you say hello!