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Why Email Marketing is Important in 2020

Digital Strategy

When it comes to your digital strategy, there are so many routes to take. SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, having a responsive web design – all of these are important. The right strategist knows to target each of these areas using their budget to get the highest user interaction. One of our favourite, and perhaps least talked about digital strategies is email marketing. Almost everyone you know with internet access will have an active email address so the importance of email marketing is higher than ever in 2020.

Email Marketing

If you’re working on email campaigns, you are perhaps wondering how best to reach your audience. What is the most relevant content? When is the best time to reach out to your audience?

It’s not unheard of (in fact, it’s rather common) for people to have more than one email address. Often one is personal, one is a work email address – and there might even be one especially for mailing lists and other subscriptions.

Emails are so important in 2020 for our marketing strategies. There is a vast array of options available for media and advertising, but how many bring your campaign directly to a users phone? Consider how many times a day you check your phone. (A lot.) There is no better place for you to focus your campaign than directly in the consumer’s pocket.

Email Marketing Advantages

The great thing about email marketing and having an email marketing strategy is the flexibility to include your other digital marketing services. Your content marketing can be included – emails are a great way to share and promote your blogs. Similarly, your social media platforms can be linked in your email marketing. A link to your social icons and a call to action mean your content can be shared – reaching an even further audience.

The simplicity of setting up an email newsletter is another reason for why they are so important. You can set up a template to return to and simply enter the email addresses that you have. Unlike many contemporary advertising mediums, the consumer has the power in the relationship when it comes to emails. They have voluntarily given you their email address and have the option to unsubscribe at any time. While this makes it all the more important your content is good – this control is why so many people prefer emails, as it is permission based.

Personalise Your Emails

Therefore we recommend you delve in to this very unique type of marketing. Give your consumers MORE control. Personalise their emails (because who doesn’t love personalisation!), give them the option to control how often they receive emails from you, and what they wish to be contacted about. No one wants to be spammed with content that is of no interest to him or her.

Technology is on the rise faster than ever and email marketing is not going anywhere, so put some time and effort in to it. Think through your subject lines; prioritise valuable content and not selling of things. It’s vital you make your emails eye-catching and your content easily digestible.

As with any campaign, monitor your analytics and use it to build upon further campaigns.

We hope this blog has made you look at email marketing with fresh eyes and consider it’s importance in 2020. Do you have any tips for email marketing services?