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How to use TikTok for your Business

A big part of digital marketing for your business includes making use of social media. Social media is where many of us spend a lot of time and therefore is a great way of online advertising. If you are trying to cover all of your social media bases, you may want to take a look at the newest app which has gained popularity.

You may be wondering what TikTok is and what it means for your business. Tiktok is an app on which users are able to create short videos to share with their following. Much like most social media apps, TikTok allows engagement such as likes, comments and features the use of hashtags which allow users to search by category for content that appeals to them. What sets TikTok apart from it’s competition is the in-app video editing feature. Through this, users can create unique videos as well as mimicking the style of current trends. The app is a really great way of reaching the generation z demographic and is relatively new territory for digital marketing.

Familiarise Yourself with the App

First of all, you need to understand the demographic which uses TikTok. The newly popular app has a reported 795 million users and around 60% of active users are aged 16-24. In light of these figures you now need to consider if this is a demographic which your business would appeal to. Secondly, you need to understand the tone of user content. Before you jump right in and start posting you must study the platform. Companies who come up with creative ideas to show a less serious side will perform better than those who post more traditional advertisements.

Pay Attention to other Brands

Whilst taking time to get to know the app, check out other brands who have already found success on the app and take note. Examine how the brand has successfully engaged with users. While TikTok is relatively new, there are still big brands who are already taking advantage of what the app has to offer and it’s huge demographic. One of the first brands to take advantage of what TikTok has to offer was American fast food chain, Chipotle. Through careful consideration of the landscape, Chipotle came up with a massively successful marketing campaign which promoted a free side dish.

Create Worthy Content

Make a point of not getting swept up by all of the popular content. What is popular on the app isn’t necessarily going to work for every business. If the fun and silly videos do not match up with your business’ brand, try to find a niche that works for you and your company. An example of this is the popular brand lush. Lush use their TikTok account to share videos which demonstrate how to use their products. Instead of aimlessly trying to create viral memes, they show off their brand’s authenticity with a light-hearted how-to.

Hashtag Challenges

A great digital marketing strategy brands are currently using on TikTok are hashtag challenges. TikTok’s hashtag feature is perfect for gathering videos which all use the same hashtag. A hashtag challenge encourages users to create or recreate content which promotes a product or company. An example of this is the hashtag challenge which the brand Guess created and promoted on TikTok. Guess encouraged users to post videos of themselves sporting the brand’s new denim line using the hashtag #InMyDenim. This challenge was a way of promoting the new line by showing how the clothing looked on real people. This can easily be adapted for many other products and businesses.

TikTok Influencers

If you are not comfortable with creating your own content for videos, get in touch with someone who is. Through influencers you will be able to reach a bigger audience than on your own. This is also a great way of promoting your branded hashtag. However, before you reach out to an influencer make sure their audience is similar to the audience you are aiming your product of services at.


Try to make use of all the features TikTok has to offer. Just like snapchat and instagram, TikTok supports links to outside content and products. This is a great way to direct your audience over to your product page or website. Another way to reach more users is by creating your own branded lenses which can be made available for all users.

We believe social media is an important thing to consider when thinking about digital marketing for business and shouldn’t be overlooked. It is a great way of delivering your brand and products to new and hard to reach demographics. Being a place full of youth and vibrancy, TikTok may a great place to promote your business.