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“Is Your PPC Account Being Properly Managed?”

Here at Cornell Studios we are an integrated advertising agency, meaning that we offer everything under one roof. We have graphic designers, we have web developers, we have digital marketing specialists, and everything you could possibly need get your business out and making some noise. Any digital agency will tell you the importance of PPC, it is a great way to drive traffic to your website and that is why we have a PPC specialist under our roof also. It is vital that any PPC account is professionally managed to avoid wasting your money. In this month’s article we are providing you with a checklist to ensure your PPC agency is keeping things running smoothly and following best practices.

Stay Up-To-Date

It is important your PPC Agency reviews the latest features in Google Ads, Microsoft Ads or whatever platform you are working with. Just like website optimisation and SEO, PPC is not a one-off task but something that needs to be worked at. New ad extensions can be added by your digital agency. These extensions could be promotion extensions, which are available in Google and is a great option for advertisers who have been using sitelinks or ad copy for promotions. There are also Gallery Ads which show at the top of search engine result pages. Another great way to gain more traction through ad texts is through Image extensions: depending on your platform this may be through uploading images or the images may be automatically pulled from your website. Extensions are always being updated and improved upon, so here at Cornell we make sure to stay on top of things to ensure our clients get the best results from their PPC campaigns.

Branch Out

Just as we recommend staying up to date with the latest ad extensions and their updates, we also recommend trying new things for your PPC campaign. Don’t let your campaign fizzle out: your digital marketing agency should be updating and managing your pay-per-click account. One of the most important best practices is testing new paid channels rather than sticking with the usual platforms of Google and Microsoft. Facebook uses PPC, as does LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Snapchat. Each of these platforms targets different demographics: ranging from teenagers to working professionals. Google ads is no longer your only option and your digital agency should be carefully considering who they are targeting and how best to reach your target audience. Audiences are simply users that are grouped together by shared interests and behaviours online, and therefore there are unlimited ways to mix and match audiences and reach them with different appoaches.

Reporting is Key

PPC is proven to drive results, and it is important you see these results. If your agency has been using the same performance report for years, it may be time to switch things up. Often there is data shown that is absolutely not essential – and many older reports are leaving out valuable information. Recently Google Ads removed the average position metric and recommends using the search top impression rate and search absolute top impression rate as a replacement. Graphs are always a great way to show results easily: both Microsoft Ads and Google Ads can provide these. When your agency is reporting to you, it is important to ask the question: are we using this data? The report is pointless if the information is not actionable and allows important decisions to be made on the account. Here at Cornell we are always transparent in our reporting, ensuring we get you accurate and easy to understand data that allows us to make informed decisions to help propel your business.

Mobile Optimisation

Just as SEO takes into account optimising websites for as many devices as possible, so too should your PPC campaign. Mobile ad traffic often surpasses that of desktop and yet many PPC campaigns are not optimising for mobile and therefore losing opportunities and of course, wasting money. Best practice for this strategy is to start by assessing the volume of traffic on different devices from mobiles, to desktops and even tablets. This data can then be analysed and used to adjust your ad spends.

Re-evaluate Budgets

As PPC accounts are monitored, it is necessary to keep evaluating ad spends. Some advertisers get stuck in a rut and neglect reviewing their budgets; however, this can lead to poor performance. Can spends be eliminated in some areas and moved to others? For channels not performing well, it would make sense to move these budgets. Consider if there is additional traffic to capture to grow results. Competitive metrics data can help and include search impression share and click share. It is important to review how effectively your budget is being used and if your company should invest more in your pay per click advertising and if this would result in a more positive campaign result.

Cornell Studios – PPC Experts

When it comes to social media and paid advertising, it can be hard to know where to start. Perhaps your account manager is reporting to you each month but you don’t really know where your money is going, how it’s being spent, or if PPC advertising is really worth it. It takes work, but with the correct management services, paid search can be really fruitful for your business. Here at Cornell, we have numerous successful PPC accounts under our belt and want our customers to get the most from their advertising campaigns. If you are interested in trying PPC for your business or would like a PPC audit for your current accounts, we would love to help you out. Head over to our contact page and get in touch with us today – we’re here to help.