F1 GlycoPass

GlycoPass is the, new to market, glucose enhancer from locally and long time established livestock nutrition provider, Farmgate Nutrition. When we got the brief to create a new and eye-catching brand for their very own product we pulled on our wellies and jumped right in!

GlycoPass needed a brand that would not only help establish its high quality glucose enhancer as a market leader but also a brand that would demand attention across a range of mediums, from packaging and apparel to website and exhibition graphics.

Logo Creation

After brainstorming and presenting the initial concepts our marketing team settled upon the unique combination of a stylised “g” and the “p”presented to create a distinctive cows head logo. The colours are classic agricultural blends, bold enough in proportion to add unique value to the GlycoPass brand and similar to farming industry stalwart “John Deere”.  Within the initial run of exhibition graphics and literature we added real imagery and testimonials from satisfied customers ensuring a down to earth and “real” feel that farmers could relate to. We felt the backing of real farmers from real farms would convey the honesty of the brand that would set the tone for years to come.

Further Packaging and Website to Come!

With further packaging and a brand-new website in production we look forward to seeing GlycoPass go from strength to strength within the farming sector.


Glycopass Logo from Cornell Studios on Vimeo.

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