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Mood Living are a UK company who have specialised in production and sale of premium bathroom mirrors and cabinets for over thirty years. Having worked with this dynamic and passionate small business on their branding, we were excited to work with them again on the development of a new eCommerce website as well as Paid Search and SEO.










For over 30 years Mood having been producing and selling quality bathroom mirrors and cabinets, firstly to a wholesale retail market and more recently direct to consumer via Amazon Marketplace. Having created the Mood brand back in 2014 we were looking forward to working with them as they aimed to take the business to the “next level” with a new website as well as a consistant and considered digital marketing strategy. Already a huge success on Amazon marketplace the management team at Mood saw the importance of diversifying their online sales channels as not to be too reliant on one avenue. Mood wanted to explore if and how they could invest in digital marketing with a trusted local supplier. They asked us to look at their online presence and assess how to improve it and reach more customers.


  • An eCommerce website that showcases the products and makes online shopping easy and appealing
  • A data led digital marketing strategy to find and retain new customers online

Cornell Studios kicked off with a comprehensive audit of Mood Living’s online presence. We looked at their website analytics, and examined their paid campaigns on Google and social media. Based on this, we recommended an overhaul of their eCommerce website to improve the user experience and better support paid search and organic SEO campaigns.

As stated, Mood were active on Amazon Marketplace but felt the platform could deliver more. We optimised their Amazon Marketplace listings with Enhanced Brand Content and product information to help their superior product stand out against growing competition from price-focused brands. We then sourced and handed over to a specialist third party supplier to drive the company’s Amazon sales going forward.

This allowed us to focus on our areas of expertise – paid search and organic search engine optimisation. We launched a Google Shopping Campaign, as well as Google Display and Adword campaigns for their highest grossing products, helping to boost brand awareness and sales in a competitive market space.

Having previously witnessed results from our SEO campaign, Mood decided they wanted to invest in a new website. Having worked for several months optimising their existing site, our developers were able to bring over all the gains from the old eCommerce site to the new one. We were able to identify and redirect all their high traffic content such as blog posts, and popular product URLs.

Our design team improved the user experience and worked to display the products better, creating more product feature graphics and video content for each product category. Our developers then built a bespoke Shopify eCommerce site, helping them to introduce Klarna and Open Pay.

Mood SEO Improvements

Increase in on-site revenue.
Growth in Amazon Sales.
Increase in Goal Completions

At Cornell, our digital marketing tactics and strategies are data led, and the numbers speak for themselves. Mood Living’s Amazon Marketplace doubled revenue within 3 months of our optimisation work.

The company continued to break revenue records month on month, both on-site and via third party sales channels. The introduction of installment payment options has boosted positive customer decisions on higher ticket items, further boosting revenue and cash flow.

“We are very happy with the results Cornell has produced, and appreciate the transparency of their approach to our digital marketing. We are confident our brand presence has increased online and this in turn has helped with sales and revenue. The guys at Cornell are regimental in their reporting, which helps reassure us that the service we are getting is value for money. The results speak for themselves and give us confidence to invest more in our digital marketing.

Cornell helped us to identify the unique selling points of our products and our offering as a whole, which they were then able to visualise in a way users could easily see once they landed on our eCommerce site. By bringing our experience and guarantees to the forefront of the site, they helped to reassure potential customers and bring in more sales.”

Mood Living