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Ulster Carpets identified the importance of communicating its MULTI WIDTHS service to its discerning customers. This key USP would create better value, less waste, wider widths and perfect colour matching to its range of award-winning carpets.








Ulster translated the key USPs of its MULTI WIDTHS offering to Cornell and expressed a desire to communicate the key messages in an informative and memorable way. They also wished to create a simple brand identity for the service that would help them create noise within the industry and fit seamlessly into the range of sub-brands already being showcased on the company’s Residential website.


Cornell presented a number of simple font and shape-based concepts with rationale for the MULTI WIDTHS brand. The aim was to create a shape and form that would easily identify choice and lend itself to future marketing of this new service.

With a winning concept decided on we created print-based materials that would complement each Ulster Carpet swatch ordered through their online sample ordering system. With hundreds of swatch samples being ordered each week, this would help to promote this key, money saving and environmentally friendly service to a wider audience of motivated carpet buyers.

We were also tasked with producing a short animated feature that would identify and promote the key features of MULTI WIDTHS. This feature would be used on their website and via social channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Vimeo. Cornell presented the storyboard and style approach for approval by the Ulster Marketing Team, prior to bringing the animation to life with a suitable soundtrack and carefully chosen Voiceover artist.

Watch the Ulster Carpets MULTI WIDTHS feature animation below…