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Top Tips for Digital Marketing in the Food Industry

If you take a quick glance on social media, it won’t be long before you conclude that food and beverages are a huge hit with all audiences. The food industry is huge, is one of the most diverse sectors and incredibly, has something to offer for every single person. Online platforms have revolutionised the food industry, we can view food and drinks online, we can order them to our house, we can review restaurants online, and we can even learn how to create delicious meals from the comfort of our own home.

Due to the popularity of this industry, we are often bombarded on a daily basis with new and exciting brands. If you are a small or new food and drinks company, you might be wondering how you can cut through the noise to get your brand noticed. The answer: with a stand-out digital marketing campaign.

In this blog we are going to look at our top 5 tips for digital marketing in the food industry.

  • As with any campaign, we cannot stress the importance of SEO enough. It is the perfect way to organically grow your business and maintain that growth. SEO is the practice of strategies that will allow search engines to find your brand and increase your rankings. For a lot of companies, not being visible on Google means not being visible to customers, so it’s vital you work on SEO to get recognised by search engines.
  • Key words rapidly change in the food industry as the latest trends come and go and as our attentions shift. Of late, consumers are looking at the importance of products that are environmentally sustainable. These keywords are no longer niche but widely mainstream. Look to emphasising removal of excess packaging, packaging without plastic, and packaging that is recyclable, as these are the most sought after words when ordering from the food industry. Health and fitness, along with related keywords, are also what you will want to be ranking for as our society moves away from fast food to healthier options.
  • Looking at research from Instagram, the food industry is the most frequently searched topic on social networks. In 2019, 3.48 billion users were active on social platforms and this figure is continuing to rise. Therefore it’s vital your brand has active social media channels that are regularly updated with visually pleasing and relevant content.
  • Personalisation is key in digital marketing. Consumers have been proven to react more to emails that are addressed specifically to them, or through ads that are tailored to them specifically. Personalisation shows that you understand your customers, there is a level of empathy and a “we’re here for you” attitude.
  • Love your content. Relative and interesting content is what will get you noticed and keep your audience coming back for more: this is key for digital marketing for food products. Make sure your content is easy to digest and is updated frequently. For the food industry, this is an easy ask as food blogs are extremely popular at the moment. Make use of your keywords, being careful not to overuse them, and Google will be picking your site up in no time.

Online Visibility

Whether your brand is new to the market or has been established for some time, the sure place you can find your perfect buyer is online. That’s why digital marketing for the food industry is key: if you want to be picked up by a search engine you need to put in the work. The above 5 tips will get you well on your way to making a difference for your brand. For any other digital food marketing queries, feel free to get in touch with Cornell Studios, we’re experts in our field and would be more than happy to help you out.