Who Is Your Audience?

The world is filled with consumers, each seeking something different. It’s easy as a business to look at the sea of faces and be left feeling dizzied and not knowing where to start. Many companies choose to advertise without first considering who they are advertising to: finding the right audience and targeting them can be a tricky process. However, discovering who your audience is will prove to be a fruitful endeavour for your business.

To help explain the importance of this step it can sometimes help to think of audience building in terms of sports analogies. In darts, you only throw one dart at the board because you are much more likely to score than if you were throwing 3 darts at once. Likewise in football, you only have one football on the pitch as the game would be far too complicated otherwise. Being specific yields better results.

These ideals can be transferred to marketing and advertising: you can’t please everyone. If you are sending out emails and promoting your company to everyone, you are not going to be specific enough and this will not lead to conversions on your site.

It all boils down to the well-known phrase: quality not quantity.

Therefore this blog post is going to explain not only the importance of finding your audience but what to do with them once you’ve found them.

Audience Searching

Envision your ideal customer. You’re going to want to consider features such as age range, gender and maybe even location.

Is your product aimed at businesses? Is it aimed at individuals? At couples?

This first step is key to promoting your business: target the right audience and customers will follow.

Building the Relationship

Now you have your audience selected, you need to know what marketing strategy is going to work best for them.

With emerging technology, savvy millennials are changing the marketing game. There have been huge generational shifts in the way customers are approaching brands and making decisions. A large percentage of young people not only complete a great deal of research before they buy, but we have now entered an era of influencers which have the ability to sway your audience’s opinion. Therefore you need to make sure influencers are promoting your brand.

Influencing the Influencer

User-Generated Content (UCG) is making waves in advertising. Customers are no longer looking to hear what you have to say about your own product: they want tried and tested, they want people affirming they have bought the product and it is worth their money. These influencers will fall under the same category as your audience and are people you need to target.

Aiming and Hitting Bullseye 

By now you should have gathered the importance of advertising to the right people. However, we hope you’re now asking the all-important question: How do I target my audience? 

We’re glad you asked.

Since you’re targeting a specific type of person, a specific type of marketing will be required. So do your research. You’re building a relationship and this takes time and dedication.

There are many different ways to market your product. The two most common ways are to use emails and blog posts. Fine tune how you present these two mediums.

Email Personalisation

Don’t be spamming your audience with emails. They’ve trusted you with their details so use them wisely and send them content they want to read. Make it useful, send it at appropriate times, use the correct tone, and of course, make sure you’re prepared to deal with any responses and feedback.

Blog Posts

Again, personalisation and timing is key. Keep your posts consistent in length, tone and frequency. These are pieces of writing designed to answer specific questions on your product. Your customer should leave the post feeling like they’ve gained the knowledge they went looking for. If they leave satisfied they are much more likely to return to your site again and again, leading to those all-important conversions.

Of course there are other ways to target your audience. Social media is of increasing importance, and you can utilise different apps depending on the age group you are targeting and what the product is you are promoting. Attending events to endorse your brand is another way to meet the people you’re targeting.

Watch out for more blog posts from us on boosting your audience with the help of social media and having a strategy for delivering content to your audience.

In the meantime, if you would like more information on how to market your brand to the right audience or would like some help with advertising, give us a call on 028 3833 9100 or send us an email at info@cornellstudios.com