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Why is Web Design Important?

A functional website is a big part of any business. The first thing most people do when they hear about a new business is search for a website and according to Adobe, when ‘given 15 minutes to consume content, two-thirds of people would rather read something that is beautifully designed than something plain’. Therefore a well designed website has now become essential for not only keeping viewers attention but converting those viewers into customers. Web design is hugely important to any digital marketing efforts as websites tend to be the first place potential customers come to find important details such as location and contact information.

To put it simply, people are naturally attracted to good design whether they know it or not. Here are some reasons why we think web design is important.

It Leaves a Good Impression on Viewers

Everyone knows how important first impressions are. Why would your website be any different. Adobe have said that, “38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content or layout is unattractive”. Well considered web design is important as it makes a good first impression on your viewers and it is how they will begin to perceive your brand. A pleasant experience on a website will make first time viewers want to return.

It’s an Opportunity to Show Brand Consistency

You should use your website as an extension of your brand. Consistent branding will signal to your viewers and customers that your business is professional. Website branding that is consistent with your current branding will encourage your viewers to take your brand seriously and will provide a sense of familiarity for returning customers.

When designing a website you need to think about aspects such as colour, layout, typography, accessibility and navigation. Choose you colours based on your current branding and stick to one simple colour scheme. Keep your website’s layout simple and clean and only include the most important information. It’s important to make websites feel accessible, so use minimal typefaces which are easy to read and make sure they fit in well with the company branding. Make sure to keep the look and feel of the website consistent by using the same fonts, colours and layout across all webpages.

It Helps to Build Trust

An unpleasant and overcrowded looking website can cause viewers to doubt the legitimacy of a company and may even drive them to a competitors website. A well designed website communicates to the viewer that a company is trustworthy and serious. If your website is poorly designed viewers may be deterred from trusting you with their custom and will search for another company that offers the same service. By providing a well designed website, companies let the customer know how much they and their user experience are valued.

It Encourages Engagement

Everyone is well aware of the information overload that is on the web. Therefore it is important for websites to be engaging and to cut through the noise. Your website design should provide a pleasant experience for viewers and encourage them to stay and browse. Include engaging content that is concise and try to use images to illustrate the information you are trying to get across to the viewer.

It Provides a User Friendly Experience

When a website is user friendly viewers are more likely to stay and explore further. Web design can be used to guide the viewer through what they need to know about a company or it’s products. An enjoyable website will use well designed navigation to engage with the content without any roadblocks. If a website is overcrowded, chaotic and generally unpleasant to use viewers are more likely to go back to their search to find a better source.

Web design allows you to curate websites which suit the user’s lifestyle. Responsive web design optimises a website so it will work well with any device viewers may use. With most people accessing websites from mobile, responsive web design is of high importance and something every business needs to consider.

As a web design agency based in Northern Ireland, we would love to help you create a user friendly website. If you have any questions about web design or how you can give your business a boost, contact us today to start your project.